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The General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum from Hobart, Oklahoma, brought its “Road Show and Classroom” to Crockett High School on Thursday – 11/17/2011. The Road Show is a 60 foot long truck and trailer decorated with eye-popping graphics and images from around the world. Inside the mobile museum trailer are traveling exhibits which will enhance and enrich the learning experience of middle school students.  The Road Show serves as an active resource for critical thinking and discussion by exposing students to educational opportunities beyond the classroom and traditional learning experiences.

Exhibits showcase cultural, social, and geographical items and information from 24 Middle East Countries.  Some examples of items in the displays are cultural dress and clothing, one of a kind handcrafted items, children’s toys, ceremonial items, and the first democratic ballot from Afghanistan. Traveling with the Road Show is an educator to guide students through the museum and be the living voice for stories and information.  Course material is also provided to teachers in the form of a curriculum packet that meets the required PASS skills for middle school students. The Road Show gives students the chance to discover a bigger world and bigger possibilities without leaving school grounds.

The Road Show is touring Oklahoma Schools across the state free of charge to the schools.  This is made possible through the support and contributions of:

City of Hobart Planters Co-op-Hobart and Lone Wolf   DeBartolo and Family    National Center for Policy Analysis   Design Werks    Oklahoma Christian University StockmansBank  Washington Speakers Bureau       John Wiseman  Musco Lighting  

This program is one of three projects the General Tommy Franks Learning Institute and Museum has developed to advance the understanding of historical events, encourage leadership and inspire enlightened decision making by providing a forum of critical thinking through scholarly research, exhibitions, and public programs. Learn more about the Road Show and other projects by visiting

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