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Charlie Bobbitt

Technology Dir

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Crockett High School Class of 1976 also known as “The Spirit of ‘76”

Texas State Technical Institute – Waco

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Crockett ISD is a fantastic place to work and the educational opportunities for our students are TOP SHELF!

The I.T. Department that I manage is continually upgrading our infrastructure. Summer of 2019, we upgraded from a 300 mb to a 1 gb connection with a redundant path that will automatically fail over should there be an issue. Having a fail over second path for connectivity has been a priority on my want list for several years. In the summer of 1018 the I.T. Department moved to a more secure location AND now also has a backup generator. Having a generator for the I.T. Department was on my want list since I came to work for CISD in 2011. Thanks Mr. Myers.

We have a very stable and robust network that can handle our current needs, however the Information Technology world is ever evolving. CISD’s technology infrastructure must continue to evolve on an annual, monthly and even daily basis or our students will not have the technological advantage they will need to be successful in todays world.


On a personal note, I love Christmas and the way it makes everyone feel.

Travel by my house here in Crockett between Thanksgiving and New Years and see the lighting.

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