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Lauren Arledge
Arledge, Lauren
ARD Processor - Elem
lauren.arledge@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Bruce Baker
Baker, Bruce
Transportation Director
bruce.baker@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Charlie Bobbitt
Bobbitt, Charlie
Technology Director \ Webmaster
charlie.bobbitt@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Susan Davis
Davis, Susan
susan.davis@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Peggy Dotson
Dotson, Peggy
peggy.dotson@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
John Emerich
Emerich, John
Asst. Superintendent CISD
john.emerich@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Brian Fiolek
Fiolek, Brian
Maintenance Director
brian.fiolek@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Cynthia Hackett
Hackett, Cynthia
Administration Receptionist - Student Activity/Transportation
cynthia.hackett@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Andrea Hart
Hart, Andrea
Accounts Payable
andrea.hart@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Melanie Hutcherson
Hutcherson, Melanie
C. O. T. A.
melanie.hutchersin@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Rhonda Kendrick
Kendrick, Rhonda
Executive Secretary/HR Director
rhonda.kendrick@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Darla McNabb
McNabb, Darla
Secretary/SHARS Facilitator
darla.mcnabb@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Terry Myers
Myers, Terry
Superintendent CISD
terry.myers@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Toni Nicol
Nicol, Toni
Administrative Asst. to Asst. Superintendent
toni.nicol@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Tamra Scroggins
Scroggins, Tamra
Business Manager
tamra.scroggins@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Jimmy Thompson
Thompson, Jimmy
AD/Head Football
jimmy.thompson@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Margaret Tuggle
Tuggle, Margaret
District Coordinator for Counseling & Special Programs
margaret.tuggle@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
LouAnn Turner
Turner, LouAnn
Chartwell Food Service Director
louannturner@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Hannah Woods
Woods, Hannah
hannah.woods@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Kelsey Yates
Yates, Kelsey
ARD Facilitator
kelsey.yates@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
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2018 – 2019 School year

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday


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