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Angela Fudge Fudge, Angela
Business Office Assistant
Crockett ISD
Rachel Gallaway
Gallaway, Rachel
RTI/Solutions Coordinator
rachel.gallaway@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Sherronda Giles
Giles, Sherronda
Fifth Grade Teacher
sherronda.giles@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Johnny Gomez
Gomez, Johnny
Dean of Students
johnny.gomez@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Karen GSmith GSmith, Karen
karen.g.smith@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Cynthia Hackett
Hackett, Cynthia
Administration Receptionist - Student Activity/Transportation
cynthia.hackett@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Rose Hackett
Hackett, Rose
RTI Interventionist
rose.hackett@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Andrea Hart
Hart, Andrea
Accounts Payable
andrea.hart@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Jordan Heersink
Heersink, Jordan
1st Grade Teacher
jordan.heersink@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Jennifer Hilliard
Hilliard, Jennifer
Interventionist/Curriculum Facilitator
jennifer.hilliard@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Lisa Hodges
Hodges, Lisa
Special Education
lisa.hodges@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Christina Hubbard
Hubbard, Christina
ECC Para Professional
christina.hubbard@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Melanie Hutcherson
Hutcherson, Melanie
C. O. T. A.
melanie.hutchersin@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Thressa Jacobs
Jacobs, Thressa
thressa.jacobs@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Cookie Johnson
Johnson, Cookie
cookie.johnson@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Teresa Johnson
Johnson, Teresa
High School Aide
teresa.johnson@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Tina Johnson
Johnson, Tina
tina.johnson@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Delores Jones
Jones, Delores
English Teacher
delores.jones@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Rhonda Kendrick
Kendrick, Rhonda
Executive Secretary/HR Director
rhonda.kendrick@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Tammy Kendrick
Kendrick, Tammy
Jr. High Instructional Aide
tammy.kendrick@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Fenita King
King, Fenita
Jr. High Instructional Aide
fenita.king@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Conchita Lamb
Lamb, Conchita
Second Grade Teacher
conchita.lamb@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Reanee LaRue
LaRue, Reanee
PIEMS/Principal's Secretary
reanee.larue@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Dana Lowery
Lowery, Dana
Incl English Teacher
dana.ellis@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Amber Lynch
Lynch, Amber
amber.lynch@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Dorothy Marshall
Marshall, Dorothy
Instructional Aide/Transportation
dorothy.marshall@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
David Martin
Martin, David
Wrld Geography
david.martin@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Karen McKnight
McKnight, Karen
Business Teacher
karen.mcknight@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Theresa McKnight
McKnight, Theresa
theresa.mcknight@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Darla McNabb
McNabb, Darla
Secretary/SHARS Facilitator
darla.mcnabb@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Felicia Meador
Meador, Felicia
felicia.meador@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Ronald Melton
Melton, Ronald
English 3
ronald.melton@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Loria Miles
Miles, Loria
Assistant Principal
loria.miles@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Debra Mims
Mims, Debra
Fifth Grade Teacher
debra.mims@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Guyla Mittelstedt
Mittelstedt, Guyla
Elem Paraprofessional
guyla.mittelstedt@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
Teresa Monroe
Monroe, Teresa
teresa.monroe@crockettisd.netCrockett ISD
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