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Important District Updates

Crockett ISD is following Texas State Guidelines and has


of the 2019-2020 school year.

Classes will continue by both Virtual and Paper Assignments.

Students 8th grade and up MUST check your Student Email regularly.


Graduation 2020 is scheduled for Friday, June 5th in Monte Jack Driskell Stadium.

Click here for Graduation 2020 details.


Student Meals

Every Wednesday, from 8 am-12:30 pm, we will be providing a 7-day supply of breakfasts and lunches

for our students when parents pick up homework packets at their child’s campus.

This arrangement will continue every Wednesday until May 27, 2020.

Homework and meals are being provided at the following locations:

Early Childhood Center:  Go to the drive through in front of the building.

Elementary Campus:  Drive through the car-rider drop-off area.

Junior High Campus:  Drive through the bus lanes behind the school.

High School:  Drive through the bus lanes behind the school.


The time to register to receive meals for this summer has passed.


Further updates will be posted on this and

local news media websites and will be broadcast

on local radio stations as needed.


If you wish to read further about COVID-19, please visit the following websites to find helpful links and the latest information:

Corona Virus 

The CDC recommends the following steps to reduce the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus:

• Wash hands frequently and properly (soap and water for 20 seconds). Use hand sanitizer in between.

• Observe proper cough and sneeze hygiene (cough into upper sleeve or tissue; dispose of tissue).

• Keep hands away from eyes, nose and mouth.

• Stay home if you are sick.


Important Notice

Crockett ISD has changed providers for its mass notification system.

If you receive a phone call or text from an area code 855 number, it is most likely from CISD.



"Every Child Every Time”


"In partnership with our parents, staff, and community, Crockett ISD will provide quality educational experiences for students to succeed in a competitive, diverse, and ever-changing society."