UIL Spectator Guidelines

December 7, 2023

 Hello, Bulldog Nation:

The UIL has issued an update regarding sporting events which needs to be forwarded to our communities.

Before the school year began, the UIL set a goal of "improving sportsmanship and the atmosphere at our contests." Fortunately, most of our athletes, coaches and spectators are great examples of that.

Unfortunately, the UIL has had to change its message because, already this basketball season, several instances around the state "have occurred at both boys and girls basketball games that involved players coming off the benches and/or spectators coming out of the stands to engage in an altercation occurring on the court."

School district officials are charged by the UIL with addressing unsportsmanlike behavior, including addressing abusive behavior or removing someone from the venue. They do not need to wait for a sports official to point out a problem or eject someone.

Additionally, there is a shortage of game officials, many of whom have quit because of persistent spectator abuse. Now, TASO (Texas Association of Sports Officials) has had to revise its policy "to combat the drastically increasing rate of excessive verbal and physical abuse (any level) of our members officiating junior/middle and high school athletic contests."

If there are three incidents of verbal abuse or physical abuse by players, coaches or spectators OR one incident of verbal or physical abuse by a game administrator, coach (not coaching in the event), athletic director, superintendent, school board member or other school employee reported to TASO, TASO may refuse to provide officials to that school's home games. No officials= no games.

Therefore, anyone attending a Crockett ISO sports event will be expected to model good sportsmanship at all times. There will be calls you disagree with. There will be players, coaches, or other fans whose behaviors displease you. Nevertheless, these are NOT excuses for our fans, players or coaches to behave inappropriately. These games are played by humans, coached by humans and officiated by humans, so expect mistakes, and deal with them respectfully.

To be clear, our athletes will compete without spectators before they compete without officials. Remember our district guidelines: Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible


John Emerich